Working with Scott was an amazing experience!  His collaborative approach allowed us to share our vision through his guided expertise.

Our collective ideas were masterfully crafted into a custom closet system with coordinating built-ins.  In addition to his custom millwork, Scott also assisted in space planning our main floor into an open concept living/dining area, that has exceeded our expectations.

Scott’s pride of workmanship, attention to detail and precision craftsmanship ensured a ‘worry free’ experience.

We look forward to working with him again and have highly recommended him and his team, to family and friends for their home improvement projects.

Thunder Bay’s newest addition… a company (team) that is focused on quality, integrity and exceptional customer service!

Allyson and Jeff Haggerty, Thunder Bay

I met Scott, after firing someone who was installing my new kitchen and had made several mistakes.  Scott had been recommended to me by a neighbour.  Scott gave his suggestions to resolve my issues and took charge, starting right away. Scott does quality work, at a fair price. He is knowledgeable, skilled in his trade. He works safely and is very trustworthy. Good listening skills to understand what I needed, explains what he will do, does it! He was always on time, friendly, you can see he takes pride in a job well done. Customer satisfaction is important to him. I highly recommend Boreal Carpentry Inc for your next project! Thank you kindly Scott, everyone loves my new kitchen -especially me! Best wishes to your future successes!

Susie Kachur, Thunder Bay

We want to thank Scott and Boreal Carpentry Inc for transforming our old, outdated kitchen to such an updated, modern look. His meticulous detail, precision and conscientiousness is felt throughout every part of his renovation right down to the cleanliness of how he works. If you’re getting any renovation in the Norwest, there’s no reason to look anywhere other than Scott and his team at Boreal Carpentry Inc. They are no doubt true professionals!

Matt and Marina Erdman, Thunder Bay

We would like to thank Scott and his team for a job well done. He took our grungy old basement shower and turned it into a bright beautiful place. Scott was most helpful with suggestion of place to look for materials we needed and wonderful at making the tile flow together. He and his team were prompt, polite and professional. A pleasure to have working in our house. We highly recommend Scott, his team and their work!

Larry and Deanna Black, Thunder Bay

It was by happenstance we came across Boreal Carpentry Inc. I was browsing Instagram one day and saw some work a friend was having completed in her house. I fell for the finishes and stayed for the approachability of Scott, and now his team.

Our renovation started small(ish), with just a kitchen and it became the re-imagining of our single bathroom, as well as the addition of a master bathroom. This addition and re-imagining lead to a subsequent reorganization of our second floor and expansion of the master bedroom into a previously existing hallway. Returning to the kitchen, we decided to remove a wall between it and the dining room to open up the space. So, our renovation was not a small one or an easy process but, thanks to Scott and his team, it never felt daunting or overwhelming.

To be truthful, the entire process was an absolute dream. Taking on the design ourselves, (let’s be honest here, Kara took on the design), Scott recommended suppliers for cabinetry, counter tops, flooring, and tiles. The recommendations were spectacular and the suppliers only had positive remarks about working with Scott. Each and everyone of the suppliers were excited to talk about their respect for him and always mentioned how enjoyable it was to work with Scott and how much they admire his work.

Their respect and admiration are 100% substantiated; Boreal Carpentry Inc’s work is absolutely meticulous. The time and care spent on each and every aspect is so evident with the process and the finishing work. It was also always nice to check in on a site that was so clean and tidy. At the end of (almost) every day it was incredible to step into a clean site and see the progress.

The best part of all, timelines were kept and, oh my, they were tight. With a second child on the way Scott was dealing with a lot and he met a very strict two month timeline. Baby Boreal arrived just days after we moved back into our home; perfect timing if you ask us!

We’ve been recommending Scott and his team to anyone who asks about our massive renovation. There are lots of people asking our renovation; two bathrooms and a kitchen are not an easy feat. Also, to get all that work completed in two months is close to miraculous.

We would recommend Boreal Carpentry Inc to anyone looking to have renovations, new builds or spectacular work to be done in their home, camp, rental etc. We can’t wait to redo more of our home and hopefully, someday build a camp.

Thunder Bay is a better place with Boreal Carpentry Inc. Thank you again, a million times over.

Kara Pratt, John Paterson & Perdi (the dog), Thunder Bay

Scott and his team recently (July) did a complete reno to the ensuite of our master-bedroom. This included wall-to-ceiling tile in the shower, heated tile floor in the main part of the bathroom as well as installation of the vanity and toilet. We found Scott and his team to be punctual, courteous and well organized. When they showed up at the job site they came with an agenda and did not waste time…

Though Scott is a master carpenter by trade, he is extremely knowledgeable in the new innovative materials and methods of installing tile. He was very helpful with comments and suggestions about, size, colour and availability but left all the final decisions to us.

When it comes to the project, he is a “lead, follow or get out of the road” kind of guy because work has to happen.

He will be instrumental in the design and renovation of our next (bathroom) project.

He gets my “gold” seal stamp of approval. Give him a call, you’ll be glad you did.

Don Novasat, Thunder Bay

We initially found Boreal Carpentry on Instagram and were instantly impressed by the work featured on their profile. After meeting with Scott, we knew right away that we wanted to work with him to renovate our well-used but very worn out kitchen. From the beginning, Scott helped us with design plans, made suggestions on materials and suppliers, and was very patient and understanding when talking through ideas and decisions. The renovation consisted of a thorough set up to ensure cleanliness and long productive workdays. Upon completion of the job, we now have a kitchen that we truly love and are very satisfied with our experience working with Boreal Carpentry. Scott and his crew are great guys, extremely professional and hard working. We have and will continue to recommend this company to anyone.

Kenny and Sarah Adams (PROJECT: August 2018)

Scott and his crew have been nothing but professional, efficient, punctual, respectful, easy going and tidy. If you’re a younger couple, like us, with little to no experience in home renovations then Boreal Carpentry is definitely an investment.

Scott and his crew have been nothing but professional, efficient, punctual, respectful, easy going and tidy. We purchased our first home and we decided to have our kitchen completely gutted and renovated. We first met Scott in person at our apartment (at the time) and we were able to go over some plans and potential directions at how we were going to tackle the renovations. Scott was up front with costs and didn’t say yes to everything just to make a buck. He would lay down some hard truths if he felt an idea or design would be impractical, out of budget’s reach or if it had potential to be an issue down the road (longevity or quality of build issues). He’d be more than willing to compromise or throw out some ideas of his own to try and meet our demands but in a more realistic and safe approach.

Scott was extremely patient and open minded. I must have asked him a minimum of a thousand questions throughout the entire process but he was more than happy to answer them and to educate me on a few things. Designs changed as the entire process went along and Scott never got angry or frustrated but rather enthusiastic about the changes so long as they made practical sense. Also, he even suggested a few add-ons and changes along the way too. He had a surplus of materials from a previous job and sold it to us for cheap and really complimented the rest of the house.

Scott loves his work and it shows. He checked out the rest of the house on his own time, for free mind you, and would let us know if he thought there were any issues or potential future issues. He fixed our door (for free) and a few other small little things. We had another contractor installing central air and the technician was going to place the thermostat in a strange place but Scott went the extra mile and suggested he place it somewhere else which in turn meshed into the work that Scott was working on. Scott just gives you that level of attention that makes you feel like your house is the only project he’s working on even though, clearly, he has multiple projects at the same time. He’s never rushed us into making a decision and he’s always provided us with multiple options and ideas.

I think the best characteristic that any customer values the most when it comes to contractors is honesty. Scott is 100% certified honest. Our estimate was the same as our final invoice, minus a few add-ons that we paid in cash in the middle of the renos. We gave him a tight schedule of 4 weeks but he and his crew were able to complete it in 3. It was simply mind blowing.

We weren’t living in the house during the renovations so tidiness was not a main priority for us. We told Scott that they did not have to waste their time cleaning after the end of a workday but they still did it. Britt and I would sneak in at night just to get a feel for the place or moving in some stuff on our down time and the floor space was clean. No garbage, no clutter, no dust, no dirt. Had it not been for the obvious demolition progress I’d have thought they weren’t working at all lol So if you’re living in your home and tidiness is a priority for you, Boreal has it covered. One less stress you won’t have to deal with.

Let’s talk about the quality. No complaints whatsoever. Scott custom made our floating shelves and our range hood canopy. I even ran a design for the range hood canopy thinking it was a bit of a reach. I honestly didn’t think it was doable but hoped for the best. Turned out better than I expected. Scott is a master at his trade. He even made our spontaneous design of a faux-beam, which is made out of pallet wood that was stored in the basement, look like it was a $2000 center piece.

Another thing about this company that sets them apart from everyone else that they are easy going and fun to be around. We’d show up unexpectedly and never once did we feel unwanted and/or being a nuisance. They work hard but make you feel like you’re part of the gang. Sometimes we’d show up and they would get excited and give us a preview of what an item or design will look like if an item showed up link a sink, cabinet handle, etc.

Boreal Carpentry is proud of their work and they’re definitely not scared to show it. In fact, have you checked their Instagram page? If not, you really should. Not only is it easier to reach out to potential clients, but they’re putting their work up front and center to the public. They’re exposing themselves to potential negative reviews and tags. Just goes to show you how confident they are in their work and quality.

Scott, Kyle and Kenny, Thank you for all of your hard work and attention to detail that you’ve poured into our kitchen. I will be using your services again for future projects and I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know who are looking for contractors. We are in love with out kitchen and we truly appreciate what you’ve helped us achieve and bringing our designs and ideas into life.

Matt and Britt (PROJECT: March 2018)

Our very first big renovation project was the kitchen and many people told us it would be a challenge. Then we met Scott from Boreal Carpentry and he showed us how to make it all manageable. Scott’s team is the best – they do what they say they are going to do and then some. Everyone who came into our home treated us and our space with the highest level of respect. The workmanship is outstanding and the project was completed on time and on budget. Boreal Carpentry guided us through this one with ease and we look forward to future opportunities to work together. Thank you to everyone at Boreal Carpentry for giving us the kitchen we have always wanted!!!

Jesse and Jamie (PROJECT: January 2019)

My husband and I have been wanting to renovate our kitchen for quite a few years but were very hesitant to do so as we had heard a lot of negative “reno stories”. When we met with Scott and his team, we were put at ease with his honesty and enthusiasm!

As the project began, we were immediately impressed with how Scott and his team kept the area clean and neat. Scott meticulously took every step possible to ensure dust was kept to a minimum. This was very much appreciated!

Throughout the process, we were kept up to date as to how the project was going. We were also extremely grateful for the fact that Scott and his team remained on the job until it was finished – there was not one time where we were left wondering “when is this going to be finished?”

Overall, we can’t say enough good things about our kitchen renovation. We are currently looking at other rooms in our house, because at this point it isn’t a question of “if” we should have Boreal Carpentry in our house again, it’s a matter of when.

Thanks Scott!

Les and Mena (PROJECT: October 2018)

We could not be happier with our newly renovated bathroom!

From quote to completion, Scott and his team were friendly, collaborative and professional. They kept a very clean and organized site and didn’t interrupt our day to day. Their attention to detail and quality workmanship are evident in all of the finishes. We can’t wait to work with Boreal Carpentry Inc. again and will continue to recommend them to everyone!

Rob & Heidi (PROJECT: August 2019)

We recently used Boreal Carpentry for a large kitchen renovation that included indoor and outdoor work. Scott and his team were professional, did a fantastic job, completed the work on time and were just overall great guys. The transformation was amazing! We recommend Boreal Carpentry to others and plan to use him again as we continue to renovate our home.

Katie and Scott (PROJECT: November 2019)

Scott, Kenny, Kyle, and the rest of the team are absolute masters of their crafts. They are incredibly skilled, professional, and great to work with. We are so happy with our new kitchen and are looking forward to working with them again for some other projects in our home.

I knew we were in good hands from the get-go. On one of the early days of our reno I walked into our recently gutted kitchen and with his confident smile, Scott said, “we’re going to take your ceiling down,” and then proceeded to explain why. You can tell that quality work brings him professional satisfaction. He carries the demeanour of someone with such high standards yet with a quiet confidence.

Everything from answering emails/texts to their actual craftsmanship is done well. Because of this, a massive project in our eyes was relatively stress free. We had full trust in Scott’s judgement and skills, including his eye for design. He had some great advice and ideas that we had never considered and made a lot of sense (the two-sided over hang on the kitchen island!). He’s honest, hard-working, and so genuine. Further, as we completed other minor renos in our house at the same time, Scott was only too kind to let us ask his advice and help out with some other stuff.

Kyle, Kenny, Joe, the Drywall Guys, and Kenny the Plumber are welcome to our new kitchen anytime for a beautiful meal. We love hosting our friends and family and it’s so easy to entertain now. What a lovely and hard-working group.

Rosie and Alex (PROJECT: March 2020)